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Re: Fanart Thread

Post by Jack Brown on Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:54 am

Hi there AnnaK I'm one of Fobbs biggest fans. I checked out your picture and you get a big thumbs up from me! Well done!

Jack Brown

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Re: Fanart Thread

Post by mirandamorgan on Sat Aug 22, 2015 9:34 am

Hi Guys and Hi AnnaK,

AnnaK I'm so honored that my stories have inspired you to create such powerful wonderful erotic art, though I truly believe that really it was Fobbs the ultimate master of art who most inspired you as he inspired me with his phenomenal masterpieces of erotic creation. Fobbs is the person who inspired me to become a writer and if it wasn't for him I would really have no life at all. I was afraid and scared of sex and expressing myself through artistic expression, though Fobbs incredible powerful art saved me from being just a scared girl with deep sexual fantasies locked away. Yes most people know I tell a little about myself. I'm a young virgin and would be considered the same as School Girl Sara before she became blacked. I lead a clean healthy life and believe in love ultimately but I have very deep erotic fantasies and desires that I love to explore through my writing and I'm so honored that Fobbs illustrates them. I owe everything to Fobbs. He made me become a proud young lady and he changed me life. I go out more now and I have more friends and I explore fantasies in my mind and in my dreams. My friends compare me to Adriana Lima how she stayed a virgin till she got married. Hehe anyway enough about me!

You are so welcome here and please post whatever you wish and I encourage you to continue to follow your passion and desires wherever they may lead you. Please don't be afraid of the fans here they are incredible people and they are very passionate curious fans. Feel free to share as much or as little as you like to them it's your choice AnnaK.
Also I loved reading your writing along with the sexy art! You write very well and should really be proud of your work because I enjoyed reading it and seeing the sexy picture! It was so hot!

Keep going AnnaK when I wrote my first story it wasn't half as good as what I read in your comic and I can't draw at all! Hehe.

Looking forward to see more of your work AnnaK!

Hugs To You and To All You Fans!

And to any of you out there who haven't joined yet you are missing so much! Please join illustrated interracial and see the greatest art in the world! Here is the link to join:


Miranda Morgan


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Re: Fanart Thread

Post by AnnaK on Sun Aug 23, 2015 1:34 pm

Thanks for the welcome (and praise!) Miranda. Can relate to you in having deep fantasies. Sometimes I can't help but think if only people around me KNEW about the places in your mind they can't reach... and what they can't see when they aren't around.

I'm not sure where to go with this myself. I love Fobb's format but it's way out of my capabilities. So for me it's either individual pinups or stories compromised mainly of blocks of text and an occasional picture here and there. You may post any requests you like, but please don't expect me to do them.

For now I'm working on a pinup of Dixie from Flag Girls. I'm using this picture as inspiration, but mine will be much hotter  Wink

I think you will like it. Oh, and feel free to post any fanart of yours.


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Re: Fanart Thread

Post by Sponsored content

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